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What is Programme?

Programme, put simply, is what happens on or within a building, site, or wider area.

It's the activities and functions of the building - from the everyday public activities to the periodic maintenance requirements. In practice, programme often refers more specifically to how the elements, zones and spaces are organised. 

In this article, I will look at what programme is, and how you can use, test, and have fun with it in design. I will also explain some basic ways of thinking about programme on your project, and different techniques architects often use to explore and explain programme.



While there's an element of luck* involved in the architecture crit scenario, I truly believe that having 'a good crit', like many things in life, is all in the preparation. 

With that in mind, here are my TOP 7 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR YOUR CRIT

luck isn't really the right word here. What I mean is that in any scenario that involves other human beings, there is always an element of the unpredictable. You can't control every aspect of the situation. 


No, I'm sorry, you can't start to prepare to have a great crit the night before! 

At that stage, you're in ambulance-at-the-bottom of the cliff territory. And, while you can implement some of the strategies below and see some improvement on where you might have been, you'll never be able to resurrect your crit to the level it could have been if you'd begun preparation earlier. 

And the people who tell you they did no preparation are the ones who have actually been preparing - subconsciously - the whole time.

Some people treat preparing for their crit as a separate exercise, a separate box to check in their list of things to do to get the project completed. To me, this makes no sense.

Why? Because having a 'good crit' is fundamentally about having a rigorous project...and being able to communicate that rigour. And that starts at day one, not one day or even one week out from crit day! 

ARCHITECTURE CRITS |1| What is an Architecture Crit?

ARCHITECTURE CRITS |1| What is an Architecture Crit?

It's nearing the end of the University semester, which means wherever you are, if you're an architecture student, you're probably preparing for presentations, reviews, juries or 'final crits'. This time of year looks like epic production, crazy schedules, and getting creative with your presentations. But the closer it gets to your presentation date, the more it means one thing:  nerves. 

In this post I'm going to cover the age old question that prospective architecture students, parents, and friends-of-architecture-students want to know: 
What is a 'crit', exactly?!

We'll jump into: 

  • What a crit is;
  • Why we do them at architecture school;
  • When you can expect to be involved in one;
  • Who takes part, and the roles they play; and 
  • How a crit plays out.

Mental Health & Wellbeing for Architecture Students

Mental Health & Wellbeing for Architecture Students

Mental health issues and the plight of stressed-out architecture students have been at the forefront of my mind these last few months, after a survey published in the UK magazine 'The Architect's Journal' (AJ) suggested that about a quarter of architecture students are suffering from mental health issues. 

It's not hard to see that that's a pretty large proportion. It's hard not to be concerned. And, it's underlined by an even more significant proportion of students who have either  sought help for mental issues in the past, or think they will be likely to in the future. 

But to me, putting these statistics on the table is only the first step. The real question is what do they mean? What are they a reflection of? How can we begin to change things? And, whether you're at, or perhaps thinking about going to architecture school, how can you support and look after yourself, so you can live your dreams to your full potential?

5 things you won't get taught at architecture school (THE WORK EDITION)

5 things you won't get taught at architecture school (THE WORK EDITION)

There are quite a few things you don't get taught at architecture school. You can't, and shouldn't expect to learn everything there ever was to know about architecture in a period of about 5 years.


Lists of things you don't learn at architecture school are pretty popular on the internet. I've certainly clicked through to a fair few in the past: 101 things on ArchDaily, 10 things on Architizer, 11 more on Arch20.

They're often humorous, yes. But what you'll also notice is that these kinds of articles usually offer a long, long list made up of sound bites and pretty obvious things you might not learn at architecture school, but you'd hope you'd learn by just operating in the world as an inquisitive human being!

So I didn't want to just add to that whirlpool of consumable lists. Instead, I'm bringing you a new series: 5 things you won't get taught at architecture school. Each edition in the series will cover a different theme. 

This week, we're starting things off with: 5 things you won't get taught at architecture school: the work edition.