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It's a simple question, but it's also the one I am asked most often, both by readers of Portico and by anyone who happens to know I studied architecture: friends in different fields, family members, and people I've just met. It sometimes seems like everyone is interested in architecture, but no one knows quite what it is or exactly how you go about doing it.


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IS IT TRUE: Do you really learn more about Architecture in 1 year of practice than you do in 5 years of study?

This post isn't about content - the quantifiable 'stuff' you'll learn at architecture school or in practice - or about how well architecture school 'prepares' you for practice. Instead, I'm going to unpack for you:

  • why I think it is a myth that you learn more in practice;
  • the conditions that perpetuate this myth; and
  • why it's a dangerous way to think - not matter what stage you're at in your journey. 

Instead of falling prey to the myth, you can choose to be strategic in your education, and take the driving seat in your architectural journey.

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