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start turning your dreams of studying architecture into reality

Why study architecture?

So you want to be an architect? Great - the place to start is to study architecture. 

Or, maybe you're not sure you want to be an architect, but you enjoy art or science, and someone has mentioned architecture to you? Architecture is a rich, broad degree that will give you a great base from which to propel your career in a range of directions - whether its becoming an architect or not. 

In most places around the world, you need to obtain an architecture degree to be considered an architect. In some places, including New Zealand, you'll need to do a little more work beyond study to obtain registration. 

About architecture school

There are hundreds of architecture schools across the globe, each with a slightly different setup, outlook and scope of education. 

Many architecture schools operate on what is now seen as a 'traditional' beaux-arts model, with 'design' learning happening in tutorial groups where students individually respond to a design brief, and present their project in 'the crit'. Other learning - for example understanding history, structural systems, construction methods and environmental principles happens adjacent to this.

This model is beginning to expand, with architecture schools placing increasing emphasis on full-scale 'live projects', collaborations with local communities, and digital realities.

What you can do now to prepare

If you're thinking about studying architecture in the future, there are a few things you can do now to start your journey off on the right foot. 

Things like travel, paying attention to the built spaces around you, seeking out mentors, finding out about other architects in your community and, of course, making sure you select school subjects that will prepare you for architecture school are great places to start. 


A note for parents, teachers & careers advisors

If your child, student or someone who looks up to you shows an interest in architecture - let's support that!

You can support them by: 

  • helping them to keep pursuing a breadth of subjects across the arts and sciences;
  • opening up the world to them: visiting different parts of the city, exploring places on foot not only by car, encouraging them to 'look up' at the buildings;
  • facilitating further independent research about architecture: head to the library, find out who key architects were in your area, 
  • seeking out potential mentors or meeting architects in your area: focus on broadening their perspective of 'what an architect looks like' here.

If your child, student or someone who looks up to you shows aptitude for making things, is interested in how things go together, or in the material fabric of life (eg: an obsession with lego, dolls houses or fantasy castles) then architecture might be something that would interest them in the future!

Don't close down the possibility of architecture as a career because maths isn't a strong point, they don't show an aptitude for painting, or you've only known white, male architects. Architecture is a rich, diverse profession and it's only becoming more so. We need people with a range of skills, with different ways of learning, seeing and occupying the world.