Architecture is the art, practice, & science
of designing & constructing buildings & spaces. 

Architecture is a marriage of the arts and the sciences. It calls on practicality, craft, imagination, and analysis.

The value of architecture lies in going beyond the necessities of shelter, to create spaces which evoke intense emotional responses, and which make us feel truly alive.

Architectural thinking has impact across a range of applications, dealing with important questions such as:

  • how will climate change affect the way we life? The way we use materials? 
  • how will we build communities on mars?
  • what will population increase, an aging population and the housing crisis mean for how we built spaces for our communities to grow up in, to live in, and to grow old in?

Studying architecture is more than learning how a traditional house goes together, it's discovering and developing a series of skills and tools which enable you to engage - critically, creatively and practically - with these new, exciting, and important issues as they arise. 

Whatever your path in architecture, it's sure to be full of challenges and rewards.
The more you give, the more you'll get back. 

new zealand

Although there are many different pathways available, qualifying to be an Registered Architect in New Zealand typically involves 3 steps:

  • 5 years at university (completing accredited courses); and
  • a minimum of 3 years of professional experience; and
  • sitting a professional examination to complete Registration.