Architecture schools: what to find out before Making the choice

Portico | what to find out before choosing an architecture school

If you haven't quite committed to studying architecture yet, you might also want to think about why you might study architecture, what architectural graduates do (hint: not just architecture!) and what the other career outcomes are. 

Geting the information to make your choice

Having decided what to study, the next difficult task is figuring out where to study it - with a range of related but slightly different courses on offer, each with their own special locations, teaching methods, and possible outcomes.

So if you're in a position of knowing little or nothing about architecture, the university system, or how the two fit together, how do you make a selection? There is so much to think about, and that's great, because getting information is the best way to get on the path to making a great decision. 



When you start finding out about architecture schools, the amount of information and things to weigh up can be overwhelming. My advice? Focus your thinking into these four key areas:

  1. YOU.
    Your circumstances, your values and goals, and your skills. These are the most important things to think about, because they will change how you evaluate the other three areas.  
    What the school offers, how it delivers it, and the people you will befriend, learn from and be mentored by are all important here. Looking at University websites is a great place to start.
  3. COST.
    It will cost to study - and the more upfront you are about it, the easier to plan your way through. It's not just the Course Fees either - you'll need to live somewhere, eat, buy books and other project supplies. Figuring out ways to fund this, including scholarships or part-time work, can open doors for you and your choices.
    Opportunities are the things that go above and beyond the day-to-day of study. What can you while at university, what overlaps might become available, and what doors will open once you leave?