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In a quickly changing world that needs architecture to be as flexible, creative, compassionate and responsible as it can be, we believe in the importance of the next generation of young architects.

Is that you?

Through Portico, I'm committed to providing transparent information and inspiration to help you - the aspiring architects of today - figure out what architecture is all about, and define your own path in architecture. Portico is here to support you as you navigate from high school, through university, and onwards.

Portico is here to help you be the best you can be.


Portico offers:

  • Information about architecture career pathways, including
  • Information and articles to expand your architectural knowledge in Portico Journal;
  • Tools to support you in developing your unique architecture skillset;
  • Courses to support your unique pathway (coming soon!)

Portico believes in aspiring architects who:

  • care deeply about the places we inhabit; 
  • are engaged with changing technological, social, climatic and material processes;
  • value openness, communication and collaboration in their work and relationships; and
  • want to use their skills and talents with energy, passion, and freedom.

Portico was established by architectural graduate, teaching fellow, tutor and writer, Sophie Hamer.

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